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100% pure amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid is a liquid fluid that surrounds and cushions the embryo and then the developing fetus inside the amniotic sac. It allows the fetus to move within the wall of the uterus without the walls of the uterus becoming too tight, and provides hydraulic support.

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Amniotic Fluid Compounds

IonGen Allograft contains several proteins that promote cell proliferation, movement, and differentiation. IonGen Allograft also includes collagen substrates, Alpha and Beta growth factors for rapid tissue regeneration, amino acids, polyamines, lipids, carbohydrates, cytokines, cytopeptins, extracellular matrix molecules such as fibronectin, cells and other compounds necessary for the protection and tissue repair.


This 100% HUMAN IONGEN ALLOFRAFT LIQUID injection comes fresh frozen to keep intact the properties that this miraculous 100% human liquid implant gives us.

The Testimony of Doctors

Iongen Allograft, because it is an injection using pure amniotic fluid, has the added benefit of being injected through a needle as small as a 30 gauge without compromising, for minimal or no discomfort to the patient.

Certified Laboratory

Iongen Allograft is an injection which is made in certified laboratories with high quality standards, creating greater confidence and comfort in our patients. Has FDA certification

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Amniotic Injection for Achilles tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis

Amniotic Injection

Consider an IONGEN ALLOGRAFT LIQUID Injection in 0.5cc / 1.0cc / 2.0cc presentations If you have:
- Back pain
- Torn or sprained ligaments
- Sports injury
- Painful joints and / or Arthritis.
- Soft tissue injury (tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff, spinal injury).

This IONGEN ALLOGRAFT LIQUID 100% HUMAN Injection comes in a Fresh Frozen way to keep intact the properties that this miraculous 100% Human Liquid Implant gives us.



It is estimated that there have been more than 1000 injections in a number of patients, which have resulted in significant changes in their bodies without the need for surgery.



More than 500 patients across the country, have tested the wonderful effects of this new regenerative injection.



Specialists in the study of medicine, clinically prove that the injection of 100% pure amniotic fluid works immediately on the damaged tissues of the human body.



Many doctors have demonstrated the great benefits of this injection by giving it to their patients and observing a notable and rapid improvement in each of them.

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Human Amniotic Therapy

100% pure amniotic fluid is a powerful liquid. Not only does it surround and protect the fetus as it develops in the mother's womb, but 100% pure amniotic fluid, rich in nutrients, growth factors, proteins and stem cells, supports healing in humans. It is the first 100% pure sterile processed amniotic fluid product to be offered for therapeutic applications. It contains over 200 growth factors, cytokines and other active peptides beneficial for regenerative tissue repair.

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