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100% pure amniotic liquid

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IONGEN ALLOGRAFT LIQUID or 100% human liquid allograft is a next generation unadulterated acellular product that retains more than 200 bioactive growth factors and meets the standards to be able to have FDA. Because we use 100% human Liquid allograft processed in our US tissue bank, it has the added benefit of being injectable through a needle as small as 30 gauge without compromising for minimal or no patient discomfort.

Amniotic Injection Video
Amniotic Injection for Achilles tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis
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Amniotic Injection

While 100% pure amniotic fluid contains an impressive array of regenerative factors, contains living stem cells, it is FDA approved and produced by our tissue bank and processed by the laboratory in the USA. thus maximizing human growth factors for rapid tissue regeneration. The product is intended to allow your body to repair itself by recruiting its own cells to do the job.

All 100% pure amniotic fluid products are pre-screened healthy donor volunteers who have been extensively tested for disease and obtained during term cesarean deliveries.

Growth Factors
natural ingredients

Safety and Versatility

Amniotic fluid is recovered with consent from healthy mothers who have undergone Cesarean section delivery. Iongen Allograft is processed using minimally manipulative procedures that have been shown to successfully preserve the natural composition of amniotic fluid. E-Beam terminal sterilization provides a sterility assurance level (SAL) of. 10-6.


You can use this product blessing to maintain your joint in a healthy way 1 injection per year for those athletes, extreme athletes, 3-year-olds, among others

Amniotic Fluid

All IONGEN ALLOGRAFT LIQUID 100% HUMAN products are volunteers from previously selected healthy donors who have been thoroughly tested for disease and have been successfully obtained. BENEFITS of IONGEN ALLOGRAFT LIQUID 100% Human these are impressive. Safe, non-steroidal alternative to anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial surgery. All natural and drug free. Contains more than 200 growth factors. Reduced recovery time.


IONGEN ALLOGRAFT is a powerful liquid that is 100% pure, rich in nutrients, growth factors, proteins, stem cells, it supports healing in humans. It is the first 100% Human Allograft Product in liquid form processed and manufactured in our human tissue bank in the USA with FDA and sterile AATB that is offered for therapeutic applications. Just as amniotic fluid protects and nourishes the fetus during development with growth factors, cytokines, cytopeptins, and fibroblasts, IONGEN ALLOGRAFT provides the same protection to injured or traumatized tissue.

100% Effective

Although IONGEN ALLOGRAFT LIQUID (100% HUMAN LIQUID ALLOGRAFT) contains a variety of regenerative factors in this product without live stem cells, dead tissue or viruses, as the FDA does not allow stem cells to present in any liquid allograft product in these moments. The product is intended to empower your body's ability to repair by recruiting its own cells to do the job.