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Benefits and Services

In this section you can see in detail what are the great benefits of this miracle injection as is the 100% Pure Amniotic Fluid

Our Services

Regenerative Medicine

This product is made from many regenerative components such as stem cells, which immediately help to rebuild the tissue.

Sports Medicine

We study the effects of exercise and physical activity on the human body. We look at both the treatment and prevention of injuries.

Aesthetic Medicine

Our product also helps to improve the aspects of beauty, looking for the naturalness of the results.


We are always in a constant medical advance, carrying out profound studies that go beyond conventional medicine.


We innovate as time and medicine advance in order to be at the forefront and bring all our doctors and customers the best product.


Consider giving yourself the injection if you have one:
+ Back pain
+ Ruptured or sprained ligaments
+ Sports injury
+ Painful joints and/or arthritis
+ Soft tissue injury (tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff)
+ Spinal Injury


Before applying this injection it is recommended that you go to the evaluation of a doctor you trust, which should make the relevant analysis to determine what your injury is and whether or not it is advisable to start treatment with Iongen Allograft, made with the miraculous 100% pure amniotic liquid.

Benefits of 100% Pure Amniotic Fluid

Safe tests

Safe, non-steroidal alternative to surgery.

All natural and drug-free

Because a 100% pure liquid naturally conceived by the body is used in the same way in our patients.

Reduced recovery time

The time to recover 100% from a muscle or other injury is very short as this injection has an immediate effect on the body.

benefits amniotic fluid inyection

Prevents or decreases tissue inflammation.

Contains more than 200 growth factors

Because it is a natural liquid it is composed of many natural factors such as stem cells that help the growth and recovery of tissues.


Prevents or kills microorganisms by stopping their growth.

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